The ultimate
e-commerce solution.

Seamless integration, endless possibilities.

zeckoShop goes beyond a standard webstore by offering dozens of integrations, increasing automation and allowing you to reach more customers easily.

Fully integrated, easier than ever before.

Our Services


Build a web store with integrations that will save time, reduce errors and allow you to get back to what matters. Sync product names, details, pricing and orders directly from your accounting software.

Cloud-based EDI

Exchange documents automatically between suppliers and vendors, meet international standards and make selling easy with our EDI web portal.


Selling on multiple marketplaces just became easier. Automate the selling process over all your stores by utilizing our integrated tools to sell on Amazon, eBay and more.

Secure Communications

We use the latest security tools to continually meet and exceed industry standards.

Modular Platform Design

Choose from a suite of premade features designed to drive sales and your business.

Increased Visibility

Meet with our experts to find out how our tools can drive traffic to your store and increase revenue.

Professional Support

Our in-house support team is here to help. Have a question? Give us a call.

Sell Globally

The need to reach new markets is greater than ever. Stay ahead of global trends with robust tax, and shipping integrations.

Master Your Content

Our fully featured content management system provides you full website control.

Branding and Design

We know that your company branding and image is important to you. Our design team will work with you to ensure that you receive an industry leading, mobile-optimized design.

Built for Growth

We don’t place limits on the number of transactions, products, or pages allowed on your site. With unlimited products, endless customizability, and integrations that scale with volume, zeckoShop scales with your business, from one transaction per day to ten thousand.