Business to Business

E-commerce isn’t restricted to the general public. The zeckoShop platform can be used to automate your B2B transactions and simplify your ordering process.

Reduce Operating Costs

Stop dedicating resources to order and inventory management by bringing your ordering online with zeckoShop. With extensive online account management, customizable pricing, and a full suite of integrations zeckoShop can significantly reduce your order-to-cash costs.

Part Diagrams & Equipment Registry

You can now manage warranty information online with our equipment registry. Need a replacement part outside of warranty? Use the Parts Diagram feature to easily support and service the products you sell by adding equipment diagrams that dynamically link to your products.

Sales Rep Portal

Turn your website into a mobile sales portal with zeckoShop your sales people will spend more time with their clients and less time processing orders. Allow sales reps to place order on behalf of their customers, manage quotes and more with our sales rep portal.

Accounts Receivable

Allow customers to manage their orders and accounts, view open orders and shipping details, reprint invoice and make payments against their accounts.

Customer Specific Pricing and Products

zeckoShop comes equipped with the ability to utilize the price rules you’ve already built in your accounting software. Display quantity break pricing, customer specific and neogitated pricing and manage quotes all within zeckoShop.

Versatile Payment and Shipping Options

Your clients expect the same flexibility in person and online. With our wide selection of payment processors, offline payment, and flexible shipping you’re able to maintain your personalized level of service online. You can display accurate shipping and freight cost from providers you’ve negotiated rates with, including FedEx, UPS, Freightcom. Need even more flexibility? Allow your customers to checkout without paying freight and simply it to their account later on.

New Haven Moving Equipment

Building a site that works for business.

In 2013 New Haven was poised for online growth, with tens of thousands of customers and dozens of orders expected per day, they needed to know their platform would scale with the growth they were expecting over the coming years. Fast forward today and each of their customers are receiving their negotiated pricing, their customers are able to view and pay on their account online, and sales have increased over 220%. Of course, we can’t take all the credit. Due to fantastic products and services, New Haven is one of the largest distributors of moving supplies in the United States, and we’re proud to help keep them there.