Business to Consumer

Easily sell direct to consumer with our suite of comprehensive and adaptable features aimed at providing a user experience tailored to your market.

Multi-region Support

Quickly and easily switch between currencies.

Tailor your site to different regions by displaying unique themes or advertising to users logging in from different regions.

Maintain unique price levels for each region.

Accurate Shipping

Complicated and unpredictable shipping fees have been shown to negatively affect sales while oversimplifying your options can lead to lost revenue. Our highly customizable shipping solutions allow you to have clear and accurate shipping options for your customers. Built-in integrations allow you to pull live rates from Purolator, FedEx, Canada Post, and more. Want to simplify your shipping? Flat rate, weight based, and oversized shipping options allow you to ensure your fees are predictable.


Your next marketing initiative begins with zeckoShop. Easily create promotional campaigns for your products and test new designs or product displays.

Stay in Contact

Retain clients and promote your products by easily maintaining mailing lists with integrations to MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Marketing Tools to move you Forward

Use our analytics to understand how your initiatives affect traffic and sales.

Make marketing decisions confidently with data provided by zeckoShop and our partners.

Understand sales, traffic, and site usage by utilizing our statistics, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more.

Perform A-B Testing

Make the correct choices by utilizing A-B testing. Display different designs to groups of users and keep the ones are received best by your customers.

Easily add or edit Content, Banners, and Images

zeckoShop makes it easy for you to add new, or edit existing custom content on your site. Use our page editor to create your own about-us, contact, or other informative content. Not interested in doing it yourself? Have us create a template that you can easily edit and maintain later.

Simplified Payments

Your payment processor isn’t something you should have to worry about it. We support dozens of payment processors who ensure your payments are reliable, PCI Compliant, and easy. Our dozens of payment processor options allow you to find the one option that provides you with the rates and features that are right for you.

Customizable and Informative Product Pages

Our customizable product pages allow you to create a shopping experience specific to your customers, providing them with the information they require to make an informed purchase. Add product reviews, recommended products and more.

Who doesn’t like a sale?

Putting on an exciting sale should be as fun for you as it is for your customers. Easily create coupon codes, have promotions on your favorite items or issue gift certificates to your best customer, all within zeckoShop. Want everyone to know about a great deal? Easily adjustable content areas, banners, and carrousels make showing off new and sale products easy.