Tools to Build Your Business

Your business wasn’t built from a template and your website shouldn't be either. Our team is here to help make building a customized shopping experience for your customers easy. No need be an expert or hire help from multiple firms, we have a comprehensive set of services in-house to help you build a successful website.

Create a Customized Shopping Experience

You’re not restricted to what’s available in an app store. Let us know your great ideas and we’ll build them for you. The extensive customizability of zeckoShop and on-staff developers will work with you to build a user experience that’s tailored to your customers.

  • Populate zeckoShop inventory with supplier-direct integrations
  • Custom zeckoShop features and modifications
  • EDI - Automate drop-shipping information exchange with zeckoShop

Branding & Design

Move your business forward by creating a recognizable brand identity and unique designs for the web. Reinvent your image with new logos, a fresh site design, and online marketing materials. We’ve done away with template designs and will meet with you to create custom designs that accurately represents your company.

  • Personalized design consultations
  • Industry-leading brand design
  • Experienced designers
  • Mobile first web design
  • Data-driven recommendations


We can help demystify the world of SEO. Our consultants can help make your products easier to find by improving search engine rankings and pushing your site higher among search results. By utilizing our consultants, SEO tools, and core zeckoShop features you can improve online visibility and sales.

  • Personalized consultations
  • Website usability and content reviews
  • Search engine rank tracking
  • Performance monitoring
  • Full site analysis
  • Google Analytics tutorials


Building a great site is only the start. By working with zeckoShop and our partners, we can help you build your brand, reach new markets, and incorporate your website into your business’ image and direction.

  • Build a recognizable online brand identity
  • E-mail marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Logos and branding media
  • Adwords, Facebook, and Social media advertising

Client Care

Our team of professionals are on-call to provide support, advice, and to guide you through running your a successful online store.

  • Unlimited training for you and your staff
  • Be part of a constantly evolving and improving platform
  • Quality advice from a team that cares
  • Local, in-house support
  • Fast responses


zeckoShop is easier and more reliable than ever. Our hosting options scale as your business grows. With 99.99% up-time managed and dedicated hosting, and several options.

  • Servers optimized for zeckoShop
  • Competitive prices
  • 24/7 resource monitoring
  • Local support and I.T teams
  • Fast and secure